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Plan D 主機回復正常 (所有備份已還原)



Unfortunately, at this time, we are unable to restore the RAID on the server node properly in order to have your VPS data restored. This is due to multiple hard drives failing in the RAID.

At this time we went ahead and reinstalled your VPS and brought it back online. However, for your data, we will be unable to restore it. Please note that our AUP requires all customers to keep backups of their data as we do not guarantee data backups.

We are very sorry for the situation and are working to install a network wide backup service in hopes that we can provide customers with a secure way of backing up their data.
Please feel free to contact us with any other questions.


我們對此事件感到抱歉,如有任何問題歡迎到 客戶服務/技術支援 區發帖查詢。

感謝閣下對Cubic Host的關注及支持。

Best Regards,
Cubic Host